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Swedish Massage

Relax and recharge with a light to medium pressure massage.


$150 - 60 minutes

$175 - 75 minutes

$200 - 90 minutes 

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Therapeutic Massage

Deep tissue, fascial, and Swedish techniques are combined for a therapeutic massage experience. Excellent for pain relief.


$150 - 60 minutes

$175 - 75 minutes

$200 - 90 minutes

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Couples Massage

Relax together as you each receive a Therapeutic or Swedish massage side by side! Available in 75 or 90 minutes only.

$350 - 75 minutes

$400 - 90 minutes 

Beach Massage

A Therapeutic massage is given as you listen to the gentle waves and feel the breeze.  Site determined depending on your location on island with alternative site back up in case of inclement weather.

$175 - 60 minutes

$200 - 75 minutes

Couples beach massages:

$350 - 60 minutes

$400 - 75 minutes

Reflexology Add-On

Add foot Reflexology to any massage. Includes an exfoliating foot scrub. Excellent for deeper relaxation.


$60 - 30 minutes

Temple Sessions

Inspired by the sacred bodywork of ancient healing traditions. For the experienced massage connoisseur. Combining many techniques for a unique, effective and deeply therapeutic massage experience.


Works on all levels of being, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

$250 - 2 hour session, includes the upgraded enhancements.

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Sai Shakti Healing

Sai Shakti Healing is a depth level form of healing that can be used to alleviate many conditions including; physical aliments, emotional and mental blocks, karmic and familial patterns, and energetic disturbances. Sai Shakti is akin to ones "soul light" being recharged.


After a short discussion of your situation and the opening prayers, various chakra points will be lightly touched. This allows the Divine energy to flow from the Sai Shakti healer directly to your soul.

This type of healing works best in multiple sessions. 

1 Session $120 - Approximately 1 hour 

3 Session package $303 paid in advance. 

*Upgrade your treatment*

Enhanced massages include aromatherapy, hot stones and hot towel for an extra $25 per massage.


This is the ultimate treatment!

Mention you would like the upgrade when booking. We will come prepared with all the essentials.

*Local St. Thomas resident discounts are available on all services. Please inquire within for special locals pricing.

*Group discounts are possible. Inquire within about your specific party.